Henderson County
911 District
P O Box 230
621 S. Palestine St.
Athens, TX 75751

P O Box 230
Athens, TX

903.675.3911 voice
903.677.3904 fax

Cell Phone Sally

The Henderson County 9-1-1 Communication District is responsible for assigning physical addresses in the county. Please contact our office at 903-675-3911.

Some cities do their own and are listed below. Please contact the appropriate agency.
  • City of Athens (on the Loop and inside) 903-677-6615
  • City of Chandler - 903-849-6853
  • City of Malakoff - 903-489-0699
  • City of Star Harbor 903-489-0091

How do I get an address?

Call us here at Henderson County 9-1-1 Communications District 903-675-3911

What information do I need to have before I call?

We need to know what road your property is located on. If you are not in a subdivision, the address of your nearest neighbor or distance from a specific intersection is helpful.

If you are in a subdivision we need the subdivision name, lot and block information.

When should I get an address for my new home or business?

The best time to call is when construction is beginning on a new building.

How do the emergency services know where my address is?

In order for emergency services to best respond to an emergency call, they need information to be as accurate as possible. We provide mapping information to these emergency providers to enable them to locate your home in a timely manner.


What addressing information do I need to get a new subdivision approved at Commissioner's Court?

The subdivision name as well as street names need to be verified with our office to avoid duplication. Our office will assign addresses and stamp the plat.
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